The Handbook of Cricket Drills (E-Book)


Learn the fielding and fitness drills for Cricket from a coach who has worked with the world’s best players! To be the best you can no longer get away with average fitness levels or fielding ability. Players who are not physically prepared will miss out on the chance to do something great. The fastest way to improve your player’s fitness levels and fielding skills is through a series of well-planned drills. This ebook contains those practices. With 47 drills that have been used at the highest level by Shayamal Vallabhjee to develop players in the Indian and South African national sides as well as Nashua Dolphins cricket team.

The fielding drills cover every skill any modern fielder requires; whether it is close catching, sliding stops, fielding as a team or creating run outs. The fitness drills will improve conditioning, speed and agility in ways that you will be able to use on the cricket field.

Any coach who applies these drills will see rapid improvements in the team’s fielding skills and ability to out-run the opposition with superior fitness levels. In addition, this eBook contains a detailed section on cricket-specific strength conditioning so you can help players get the fitness levels they require to bat for long innings, bowl accurate spells and field all day in the baking sun. As Gary Kirsten says in the introduction: “There are many cricketers who have had the potential to have highly successful careers, but have fallen short through persistent injury and general lack of physical conditioning.”