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Kabaddi – From the Locker Room

India’s oldest sport is fast becoming its biggest attraction. This high octane mix of tag and wrestle, packaged & served in 45 minutes, is taking over the airwaves. With a higher TRP’s (Television Rating Points) in its first week than the FIFA World Cup Finals, Kabaddi de...

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Lessons from the Stepathlon Challenge

Its been merely ten days since I embarked on the Stepathlon Challenge, an initiative by a friend and colleague, Ravi Krishnan – CEO of Stepathlon. This isn’t the first challenge I’ve embarked on. As other ultra marathon runners would know, we seek our thrills from “pus...

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Its was over ten years ago that I set out to attempt my first ultra-marathon run – The Comrades Marathon; an 89.9 km race from Pietermaritzburg to Durban. My preparation for this race was nothing short of spectacular (or so I thought). I was averaging between 100-120 km a week,...

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