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Sport has always played an integral role in my life. It has nurtured me and thought me many lessons. It has opened many doors and fostered many relationships. Sport is the reason I am who I am. I realize that it has given me the greatest gift anyone could ever ask for – the po...

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The Music of a Marathon

‘The music of a marathon is a powerful strain, one of those tunes of glory. It asks us to forsake pleasures, to discipline the body, to find courage, to renew faith and to become one’s own person, utterly and completely.’ There is nothing more tranquil than the serenity ...

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The Story of Supriya Mondal

In October 2012, at the INK Conference in Pune, I told the story of a young man who had a love for water and dream of one day representing his country. The story of young Supriya Mondal, a boy from a little fishing village outside Calcutta, left the curated audiences speechl...

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Staying Injury Free

Very often I’m asked, What is Sports Science? And my answer inadvertently is always, ‘its the difference between gold and silver.’ Its the scientific application that quantifies all those tiny variables that add up to the 0.5% that gives an athlete a competitive advantage i...

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