Shayamal Vallabhjee

There is nothing like the competitive sports environment to mould one's character. The discipline, dedication, courage, perseverance, belief and will to overcome adversity is what is nurtured when an individual spends more than a decade at the pinnacle of a competitive sporting environment.

Shayamal's experience as a mental conditioning coach and an EQ consultant to leading athletes and top management business minds makes him one of the most sought-after EQ Experts in the industry providing insights on multiple platforms through coffee table conversations, workshops and large seminars.

Drawing from rich cultural experiences on and off the sports field, Shayamal brings an endearing passion to his sessions and empowers all participants with lessons on leadership, teamwork and creativity.

( " Unlocking the Potential in Every Child"  2012 INK Conference in Pune)

Shayamal's signature course, Activ8 - Motiv8 - Cre8, specific for business environments is a one day workshop that uses the fundamental principles from sport, art & drama to ACTIV8 leadership, creativity and team work in the corporate world.

Through a series of games, exercises, and drills, Shayamal, along with an expert from the field of theatre and arts, will work to ACTIV8 the mind, MOTIV8 & inspire to CRE8.


Activ8 - Motiv8 - Cre8