Shayamal Vallabhjee

Brands by Shayamal

The following brands and concepts have been designed by Shayamal. If you would like further information about a particular brand or information pertaining to franchise opportunities, please contact us via the site.

The H.E.A.L Institute

The Heal Institute LogoThe (Health, Exercise and Longevity) Institute is a physiotherapy & rehabilitation brand that was conceptualized to offer a holistic approach to health and wellness. The brand offers a state of the art approach to sports related injuries, orthopedic related injuries, and post surgical/ procedural treatment & rehabilitation. The H.E.A.L. Institute is a clinical approach to sports medicine that aims to revolutionize post operative rehabilitation, physiotherapy and high performance training in India through par excellence service and cutting edge technology. 



Speed Kids

The Heal Institute LogoSpeed Kids is a biomechanical based foundational phase physical development program for children between 4 - 12 years old. It focuses on the key physical development parameters that are needed for any sport. The program is broken up into eight semesters, each of which trains a specific component of physical movement through fun filled games and drills.

Speed Kids, which was designed to address biomechanical in efficiencies at grass-root level, focuses on the following areas of development: linear mechanics, multi-directional movement patterns, fast feet & agility, sports vision training, circuit training, flexibility & body weight training.

Included in the program are a series of assessments and key performance indicators that are designed to channel the child towards a specific sporting code that would be most appropriate for him/her. Speed Kids is endorsed by the NDTV Marks for Sports campaign and to date has trained over 5000 children in India.  



The Heal Institute LogoKidoga is a revolutionary new yoga and Pilates based training program for children. The program blends various yoga asanas with basic core training movement patterns from the school of Pilates. It has been designed to help a child grow and develop in a completely natural way. Kidoga is a new age training system for children that is fun and exciting. 




The Heal Institute LogoSyama is an equipment brand that blends durability, versatility, safety and technology. The brand focuses on manufacturing yoga and speed mechanics equipment that addresses the basic requirements essential for performance enhancement.

Syama is the official equipment provider to the Speed Kids and Kidoga programs.




The Heal Institute LogoOutCause is a property that merges sport, adventure, entertainment and philanthropy onto a single platform, with the sole aim of raising awareness and garnering support for charitable, non profit organizations.

In October 2012, OutCause embarked on its first adventure. Nine celebrities climbed Mt Kilimanjaro to support the Karunashraya Cancer Hospice in Bangalore - a hospice for terminally ill cancer patients.



The Metta Card

The Heal Institute LogoThe Metta Card is a new concept that aims to create communities of happiness and good doers. Metta - signifies a loving kindness, friendship, goodwill, benevolence and a strong wish for the happiness of others. The Metta Card will launch in July 2013.




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