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  1. A very interesting and informative article with some very constructive suggestions. Well done Shaymal. I hope that your advice is heeded by those that need to take it.

  2. Truly impressive article, it all starts with the Sports Authority taking the right initiative, in India’s case SAI ( Sports Authority of India ). It is about time a country of over 1 billion people has the right tools and support system given to them to perform and compete at a world level. Finally, the need for international coaches is critical in the development of our athletes to understand pressure and training standards. #justathought

  3. Yes Shaymal, indeed this is what we need to raise the bar & create an overall interactive and responsible sporting environment in our country. you got excellent points there & i hope this becomes viral and more and more people read and start building a vibe which will be heard by those responsible for making the decisions. some of us in the coaching fraternity are with you.

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